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Ludovic Vickers


Ludovic has more than 15 years' experience in media.

He is a highly experienced videographer and editor,

as well a licensed drone operator and pilot.

With over 10 years in news agency video production and short form documentaries,

Ludovic has covered G20 and G7 summits around the world,

as well as the Cannes Film festival, the Tour de France, and more.

A passionate music producer and composer, Ludovic's music has been featured

in Netflix shows and major film releases.

He has directed numerous music videos, including his own.

Ludovic's eclectic approach to filmmaking garnered the attention of Canon France,

and Ludovic has joined the ranks of Canon-sponsored filmmakers.

Always keen to take on creative projects, Ludovic has lent his voice to documentary work, TV sporting events and short films.

He is a graduate of Imperial College, London and speaks fluent French, English and advanced Spanish. 

Today, Ludovic is a full-time video journalist, filmmaker and music producer. 

He founded Aquarium Productions to take on a variety of new projects.

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